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          Frequently Asked Questions About Exploration Term

          Frequently Asked Questions About Exploration Term

          How many Exploration Term projects may a student enroll in each January?

          One. 凯发K8体育app's Exploration Term program allows students to explore one topic or interest for the month of January.

          When are contracts for individually designed Exploration Term projects due?

          Contracts for Exploration Term are due by the last day of E-Term registration in the fall.

          May I drop my Exploration Term project and add another?

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          May first-year students do contracts for individually designed Exploration Term projects?

          Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors may do contracts for individually designed projects. First-year students usually do projects on campus or travel with 凯发K8体育app faculty.

          May first-year students do internships?

          No, we believe students gain more from internships if they have had more coursework before they serve as interns.

          May I go to another college with an Exploration Term during January?


          May I register Exploration Term credit in the fall or spring term?

          No, Exploration Term credit may be registered only in January or in the summer.

          What is a Senior Project and do I have to do one?

          Some majors require students to do a Senior Project.  Check the   凯发K8体育app目录  

          May I do an internship at my father's office?

          May first-year students do study-travel projects?

          Certainly! First-year students may travel with 凯发K8体育app faculty projects.

          How much does Exploration Term cost?

          How do first-year students get into an Exploration Term project?

          How much does a study-travel project cost?

          Study-travel project costs range between $2,500 and $6,000, depending on the project. 凯发K8体育app faculty work to keep the project costs as low as possible.  Exploration Term Travel Awards  are available each year to assist students in realizing their dreams of travel.

          I'm interested in music. Should I try to do all of my Exploration Term projects in music?

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          If I have a double major, do I need two senior projects?

          If both majors require a senior project, you should complete one senior project for each major.

          Do I have to buy a meal ticket during Exploration Term?

          No, you don't have to buy a meal ticket in January, but food service is available if you want it.

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